RWG - paddle safety kit

This kit box has been made up of items that are based on years of ocean paddling in particular.
This safety kit is designed to assist in when things go wrong when paddling.
It contains:
a) A wooden wedge to keep the rudder straight if a rudder cable breaks. It comes complete with a strong cord loop to help ensure you do not lose the wedge in rough and cold condition. After wedging the rudder straight, there is a slip knot on the cord loop that allows you to remove the cord to ensure the cord does not snare and pull the wedge out.
b) Whistle. Comes with a cord extension allowing you to secure the whistle to your PFD and not lose it.
c) Paddle leash. Having a paddle leash will give you peace of mind that you will not lose your paddle whilst concentrating on remounting or repairing your rudder. Attaching the paddle to your boat also allows the paddle to act as an anchor.
d) Two 50mm square Solar marine hi vis squares. By sticking these hi vis squares on the ends of your paddles, you give your self an additional 2 meters height to signal nearby rescue boats or paddlers.
e) 210cm x 130cm hi vis silver emergency blanket. This blanket will either help retain body heat or can be tied to the end of your paddle and used as an additional means to signal to rescue boats or other paddlers.

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