Stellar Leg Leash

Stellar manufacture a leg leash that keeps a paddlers connected to their surfski in the event that they fallout. The use of a leg leash is recommended especially when conditions have the potential to turn rough or are rough.
Be safe. Constantly assess your abilities, the conditions and weather forecast.
Construction Options:
The Stellar leg leash has a sturdy adjustable leg strap made from 65mm neoprene padding and 40mm heavy duty webbing strap and secured with Velcro. The leash is made from high strength polyurethane cord with a stainless steel quick release snap hook to allow easy connection / disconnection to the leg leash. The other end of the leash has a strong loop of cord allowing easy connection to a fixing point on the surfski. Both the quick release snap hook and the cord loop are secured with aluminium swage connections.

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